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As a General Contractor, Developer, or Architectural Firm you know the importance of reliable, safe subcontractors to aid in your timley completion of your project. When you need a landscape sub, Suburban Landscaping is you best choice for an experienced, professional landscape sub-contractor. Lead by expert project managers and a detailed take-off service, Suburban Landscapings trained crews can handle the landscape portion of any of your projects in our service area. Focusing on safely installing your project with quialty and craftsmanship, we can provide you with a full range  of landscape services. Installing turf, drainage, hardscapes, water features and plantings are just a part of our expertise.

Take-Offs grading tractor

Send us your prints, whether by mail or email, and we'll get right on getting you a proposal. Our knowledgable Landscape Department staff is very accurate, detailed, and has the resources to find all locally available materials. With percision measuring devices and computer calculating, errors just don't happen. Your price will never be retracted or changed, and no shortcuts will be taken during installation to maintain margins.  Let us know when you need your quote and we'll deliver!

Expereincecommercial sod installed

Our trained, expereinced crews are experts at all phases of commercial landscape installations. Working with the appropriate equipment for the size of the project and the skilled, seasoned laborers in our staff, Suburban Landscaping can offer unparalleled quality and timley completetion of any size project.

Drug Free Workplace

Workplace safety is our main focus during landscape insallations, and an impared employee puts everyone, and the project, in harms way. Suburban Landscaping has a strict, written policy that employees must read and sign before being hired. A copy of our  drug free workplace policy can be found here on-line.

Insurance & PaperworkBig Roll_Sod_1

Our Business Department is a valuable asset to our commercial installations, assuring that the correct permits are aquired, bonds are in place, and that materials are paid for on-time. They are also skilled in the areas of insurance, taking care of your riders, Additional Insured's, and certificates.

Suburban Landscaping is one of the most insured landscape contractors in the south suburbs. With millions of dollars in coverage, we have policies in place to cover everything from our equipment on your site to workmans compensation for our employees. And just for added measure, we also carry a one million dollar umbrella policy.

Project ManagersCommercial Brick Paver Contractor

As everyone in the trades understands, all projects run smoother with an expereinced, knowledgable project manager at the helm. We have several project manangers that work on commercial landscape installations, each with more than 15 years of feild expereince. Handeling change orders, tickets, and the scope of work are just a part of our project managers responsibilities. Material deliveries, labor assignments, and work site safety are all part of the job with a Suburban Landscaping project manager on site.

SafetyCommercial Landscape Crane

In todays enviornment, work place safety history and practices are an essential part of selecting a sub-contractor. It should be more than just checking insurance for workmans compensation insurance, we think it should also be how the perform on you site and how they have performed in the past. As an OSHA inspected company, we follow all reccomended safety guidlines and hold regular safety meeting with mandatory attendance.  

Where We Work

To insure the highest quality of service and supervision, we have limited our work area to the following areas: South Chicago, South Chicago Suburbs, West Chicago Suburbs, Joliet Area, Valparaiso Area, and Northwest Indiana. However, we do occasionally work on projects in other areas upon request.

Prevailing Wage

Our book keepers and payroll personell are very familiar with rules of prevailing wage and are very adept at handeling the intracacies of prevailing wage payroll. Payroll audits are handled swiftly and accuartely, enabling you to feel secure that your sub-contractors are in compliance with prevailing wage laws.

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Usually done within a week, but when your in a hurry, we'll be there to help!


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2015-05-28, 10:01
My new landscaping is wonderful, I just love it! Thank you!
Mr. & Mrs. David Kowalski
2015-06-27, 09:54
Hi Al, just wanted to let everyone know how happy we are with Suburban Landscaping and your service. I know my mom just signed up with you as well … read more
Beverly P., (HWHOA President)
2015-04-01, 17:09
We just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful work this winter. Your workers do wonderful work in horrible conditions. Thank you.