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Natural stones are just that, stones that are found in nature. In a world filling up with man made brick pavers and retaining walls, natural stones are becoming rare and often unique in landscape designs. Natural stones look and feel different from the typical concrete blocks and pavers that are most commonly used in landscape construction. Random shapes and sizes are the hallmark of natural stones, but they also can be cut or milled into a more formal, dimensional product. Used in many different applications such as retaining walls, bed edging, patios, sidewalks, ponds and fountains, accent pieces, steps, and even house facade accents and coynes.

If you are looking for a unique, natural look for your landscape project, then you have come to the right spot. Below are several of the many types of natural stones we offer our clients.  


A wonderful and versatile natural stone, Flagstone has become the most flagstone 2popular catch-all or generic name for a myriad of  natural stone products. Usually a sedimentary stone created in a quarry from fissable planes of sandstone and quartz, with the different colors come from an infusion of silica, iron oxide, or calcite.

As very attractive paving material, most flagstone used in landscaping are earthy toned colors such as sandstone, pale red, or tan. Used as both a paver for patios in outdoor living, or as retaining walls and steps. Often, natural flagstone is used as a natural stepper pathway embedded in a surround of mulch or stones. Natural flagstone is an irregular shaped stone that comes in a variety of thicknesses and sizes, no two pieces every look alike. The installation of flagstone is a more time consuming process than with pavers or retaining wall blocks due to the jigsaw puzzle type fitting together of pieces. Our trained landscape staff are very knowledgeable about the installation of flagstone and the mason like techniques used to trim, snap, and break pieces to the right shape and size. For more pictures of flagstone, visit the examples of our work page.


A rather unique natural stone, bluestone is a similar product to flagstone, yet blue in color. Usually milled for a dimensional shape, bluestone also comes in irregular shapes and sizes. Bluestone is also a great paving choice not only because of its color, but also because of its non-skid texture when wet. Bluestone is slightly more expensive than flagstone and because of that, it is usually not used in retaining walls like flagstone.

Outcropping StonesOutcropping Stone

Offered in a variety of colors and styles, outcropping stone is usually an accent piece in a landscape that gives the illusion of a natural planting environment or habitat. Outcropping stones vary in size, but are usually from 3" thick to 18" thick or more. As large visual elements in the landscape, outcropping stones are a unique, heavy focal point to any landscape design.


A very popular aesthetic boulder choice is cobblestone. Available in sizes cobblestone  brick patioranging from 4" to 36", cobblestones offer a wide variety of uses, textures and colors. The most popular for residential use is the Wisconsin Granite cobblestone, with a pink and blue hue to the granite stone. Some uses for cobblestone are as a bed edging, retaining walls, pond and stream liner, and as a stand alone accent piece. for more commercial or functional use, cobblestones are often used in the turf along streets or drives that lack curbs. These large boulders restrict cars from driving onto the turf in those areas.

Planting Bed Rock

The soil around landscape plantings is referred to as a planting bed. These beds will collect and germinate weed seeds if not covered by some form of weed barrier fabric and bedding material, such as rock/stone or mulch. The benefits of installing rock/stone instead of mulch is that rock/stone is a one-time installation. Rock/stone does not break down and decompose like mulch does, so therefore there is no need to top dress rock/stone every couple of years like there is when installing mulch.

We offer a wide selection in bedding rocks/stones for our clients to choose from. Below are just a few of the popular choices that we offer in our bedding stones.

 river rock  merimac stone  red lava_rock  american heritage_stone
River Rock Merrimac Red Lava Rock American Heritage
 white marble_stone  autumn smoke_stone  desert sunset_stone  pink blush_stone
White Marble Autumn Smoke  Desert Sunset  Pink Blush 


What Does Natural Stone Cost?

With so many options on the natural stone pallet, there is no definitive answer to that question. Overall, some natural stones are more expensive than man made products of cement, such as pavers or retaining wall block. Bedding stones are slightly more expensive than mulch, but there is no every other year top-dressing cost. However, our example pricing page has some approximate pricing for your consideration. For an exact pricing of natural stone for your landscape, request a landscape quote from one of our landscape designers.


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