Monthly Programs

Residential Monthly Service Program

Suburban Landscaping is pleased to offer an alternative form of billing our services to our residential and commercial maintenance clients. Monthly service is a flat rate billing for all of the services listed below. The ala carte prices for these services are estimated and added together and divided into eight equal monthly payments. A separate contract will be provided to you outlining these services.

The following services are included in our basic monthly plan:

  • Lawn Mowing from Mid-April through the End of October
  • Spring Leaf Clean Up
  • Fall Leaf Clean Up
  • October Mowing Weekly
  • November Mowing Weekly
  • Edging of Sidewalks Monthly
  • Pruning & Trimming twice per year.
  • Weeding of Landscape Beds Monthly
  • Fertilization of the Lawn Four Times
  • Preventative Grub Control for the Lawn
  • Spring Gutter Cleaning
  • Fall Gutter Cleaning

If the plan above doesn't match the needs of your property, our programs can be completely customized to meet your needs. We do ask that you use a minimum of four services to combine in a monthly lawn service program. There are some services that we do not roll into a monthly lawn service program, such as tree removal, mulch installation, or landscape installation projects. Please feel free to call our office and discuss a more personalized quotation for your property.


The Benefits Of Monthly Service:

  • No Hourly Work (Such as weeding, shrub trimming and leaf clean ups)
  • No Estimates For Each Service
  • Automatic Work Schedule
  • Priority Service
  • Easier Budgeting
  • Annual proposal

One of the best features of the monthly lawn service program is that each spring, usually around early March, we send out a renewal proposal for your property with all of the same services as the previous year. Many clients like the ease of not having to remember what there property needed from the previous season and have everything set up already.

What Does Monthly Lawn Service Cost?

Prices for the basic residential monthly service plan outlined above start around $225 per month and rise depending upon several variables such as the size of your property, the amount of shrubs and bed space you have, and the amount of trees located on your property.  Most commercial maintenance such as Townhomes, condominiums, shopping malls, etc., are done on a monthly service program for budget and billing purposes . If you would like a quote for the optional monthly service plan, please call our office and speak the Maintenance Department, or request a exact quote on-line. For prices on ala-carte maintenance items, please see our Example Pricing page. 

Of course, monthly service is only an option that we are offering this as an alternative to the regular billing procedure. annual flowers 2

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Pat Henaghan
2015-09-04, 15:28
Planting of river birch trees has solved my flooding problem in my backyard! Thank you so much for the suggestion. Prior to planting the river … read more
David C., Frankfort, IL
2015-06-05, 20:52
Yard looks great as always! Keep up the good work!
Beth Stevens
2015-07-20, 15:04
Great Job! It is a beautiful patio. I really like the lights on the pillars too! Worth every penny. Big recommendations here!