Seasonal Flower Planting

Acceptable Ways To Fertilize Trees And Shrubs:

  • Liquid Fertilizer Injection: This is done by dissolving fertilizer in water and then injecting it into the soil around the root zone of the tree. Suburban Landscaping has specially equipped trucks that inject fertilizer solution deep into the trees root system under pressure from a large tank. This technique not only provides fertilizer, but as a secondary benefit the injection leaves a hole in the soil that provides a channel for air and water to penetrate the soil.
  • Topical Application: Granular or diluted liquid fertilizer is spread across the soils surface. Nutrients are washed down into the root zone and absorbed by the plant.
  • Tree Trunk Injection: This method bypasses the root system and puts nutrients directly under the bark of the tree where the fertilizer is dispersed through the sap system. Trunk injection is usually done to correct specific nutrient deficiencies like iron chlorosis. Trunk injections should only performed by trained professionals.

 Application Rates:

All shade, ornamental, and conifer trees should be fertilized one time during the season at the appropriate time, based upon current seasons climatic and growing conditions.  An application of 18-31-14 w/micros is our standard application, applied at the following rate:


Small Trees, 4” or less:       4 pounds per inch of trunk diameter.
Large Trees, 4” or more:     5 pounds per inch of trunk diameter.
Pyramidal Evergreens:        1 Tablespoon per foot of height.
Spruce & Fir:                     ¼ pound per inch of trunk diameter
Pine:                                 ¼ pound per inch of trunk diameter

This rate may vary according to visual inspection or any test results of soil analysis indicating need for change.  Placement of fertilizer should be at the drip line of all trees.  Depth of injection shall be between 15” and 20”.  Malus species are more sensitive to commercial fertilizers than most trees, hence, the dosage shall be reduced by one half.

Deep Root Watering:

Deep root watering during the hot summer months for some trees would be a recommended course of action.  Some forms of trees are more susceptible to “leaf scorch” than others and will need closer attention. This service would be billed as time and material.

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2015-06-05, 20:52
Yard looks great as always! Keep up the good work!
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2016-03-12, 03:07
I'm very happy with your company and the landscaping. nice work
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2015-06-29, 16:56
A quick thank you for going the extra mile, our place looks better than it has in years. We appreciate it very much.