Bed Edging: Several Options

Edging your landscape beds provides a functional and fashionable border that sets your planting space apart from the rest of your lawn. Quality landscape bed edging defines the edges of the landscape, significantly increases the level of visual aesthetics, and adds value to your business or residence. Landscape edging comes in many types and a person can choose based upon their needs and budget. The main differences between each edging material is the cost and time to install. There are also special considerations of each material type.

Benefits Of Bed Edging

  • Defines the areas of landscaping
  • Keeps grass and weeds from growing into the beds.
  • Keeps mulch and rocks inside the landscaping beds from cluttering up the lawn
  • Protects the beds against erosion
  • Reduces the time it takes to string trim along bed edges
  • Provides a neat and clean appearance

Some of the most common bed edgings are shown below:

Brick Edging

Vinyl Edging

Aluminum Edging

Bullet Edgers

Brick Edging_1 bed edging_2  aluminium edging Bullet Edger
  • By far the most eye catching
  • Long Lasting
  • Lots of color & shape choices
  • The least expensive product to be installed
  • Can rise out of the ground
  • Lawn mowers & weed trimmers can damage it
  • Longer lasting than vinyl edging
  • Can be dented by lawn mowers


  • Less expensive than brick edging.
  • Long Lasting
  • Two colors to choose from


Other Bed Edging Materials

  • Wood Timbers
  • Railroad Ties
  • Flagstones
  • Cobble Stones
  • Spade Shovel Edging

Vinyl (Valley View) Edging

By far the worlds most popular bed edge, vinyl edging is the least expensive product to install, installed in volume for as little as $2.50 per linear foot. The vinyl edging, usually called by the brand name Valley View (made here in Chicago), is the most economical edging product available, however it does have some draw backs. Vinyl edging has been known to rise out of the ground and require re-installation. The reason the edging rises out of the ground is that because suring the winter the water in the ground freezes, thereby expanding, and pushing upward. In the spring the ground thaws and returns to a normal elevation, however, the  vinyl edging sometimes does not return to normal elevations with the soil. When this happens the vinyl edging is stuck above the ground or falls over and lies on top. Several things dictate whether the edging will return or not including proper stake installation, soil type, quality of edging, and the harshness of the particular winter.

Re-installing of vinyl edging is done by the man hour, which is the most cost effective method. The charge for re-installing the vinyl edging is $30.00 per man hour. An estimated number of man hours can be calculated for budgeting if needed or a cap of hours can be put on this work.


Natural Spade Edge

A natural bed edge, or shovel cut edge, is an alternative to installing a permenant bed edging material. See our page on spade edging for more details. 


What Does Bed Edging Cost?

The cost of bed edgin can vary depending on many factors (size, shape, material selected,number of curves, etc.). Click this link to see some typical pricing examples for bed edging. Also, our designers would be happy to meet with you and provide you a free consultation and quote on any type of bed edging project.

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