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Ponds, Fountains, and Water Features

Pond 2Water adds several unique dimensions to outdoor living spaces and corporate offices, with the eye-catching movement of water and the soothing sounds of a waterfall or fountain. Water features can turn a landscape into a quiet retreat from a busy day, or a relaxing paradise right outside your home. And water features can add even more to a landscape; light reflecting off of a pond, fish or floating flowers can live in a pond, or your guests can throw coins in a fountain as they wish for their own water feature.

Suburban Landscaping has been making unique, custom ponds and water features for residential and commercial clients since 1984. Custom creating these focal points, our experienced crews can build any size pond or fountain your project  requires. A Suburban Landscaping water feature will become the focal point and crowning touch on your courtyard, backyard, or corporate entrance.

Below are a few basic ideas the Suburban Landscaping can design and build for you.

  • Scenic Ponds
  • Waterfalls
  • Pond-less Waterfalls
  • Fountains
  • Streams
  • Koi Ponds

Benefits of a water feature you may not be aware of:

  • Reduce Stress
  • Add Property Value
  • Lower Summer Temperatures (in small areas)
  • If Desired, Attract Birds & Butterflies



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2015-12-01, 14:07
I just had to say that your photos are amianzg! Of all the photogs I frequently stalk, yours is usually the first I check into because your work is … read more
Tony Davis
2015-07-19, 11:07
Thank you for saving my basement and my sanity. You guys really know your stuff, especially with the drainage stuff. I don't know if I mentioned this … read more
David C., Frankfort, IL
2015-06-05, 20:52
Yard looks great as always! Keep up the good work!