Paveloc Pavers

Pavloc is one of the most popular and oldest brick paving manufacturers in the business. Located in Illinois, Paveloc supplies a steady stream of product and offers a limited lifetime warranty on their products. With a vast color selection and product line, Suburban Landscaping is proud to offer paveloc brick pavers as an option in brick pavers and retaining walls.

Below are some of the products we offer through Paveloc Pavers:

Holland Pavers

The worlds most popular paver, Holland pavers have unlimited design possibilities and is offered in 10 different colors. For a more creative design, we suggest using one color for the in-fill and another, contrasting or complimenting color for the soldier course.

Paveloc Holland  Paveloc Range_1 Paveloc Range_2 Paveloc Range_3 Paveloc Range_5 Paveloc Range_6
Paveloc Range_6_With_Charcoal Paveloc Range_9 Paveloc Buff Paveloc Charcoal Paveloc Red

Double Holland

A larger paver, the Double Holland and 12x12 Holland pavers can be used by themselves or in combination with the standard size Holland paver. A design with all three sizes can offer a plethora of design options and unique looks.

Doubleholland Paveloc Range_1 Paveloc Range_2 Paveloc Range_3


Victorian pavers are an excellent paver for re-creating look reminiscent of an old European cobblestone street or pathway. These tumbled pavers come in three sizes for limitless design options and border combinations.

VictorianTextBox Paveloc Range_1 Paveloc Range_2 Paveloc Range_3

Paveloc Charcoal


An old English looking paver, the Colonial is a larger three piece tumbled paver perfect for driveways, parking lots or commercial applications.

Paveloc Colonial Paveloc Range_1 Paveloc Range_2 Paveloc Range_3

Paveloc Charcoal

Paveloc Fieldstone


Bravado stones are a wonderful way to re-create the look of centuries walkways and plazas. These smooth, tumbled pavers are a great compliment for any landscape. 

Bravado Paver Bravado Beach_Stone Bravado Canyon Brovado Woodland

Products above are shown in order of price, with Holland pavers being the least expensive and Bravado being the most expensive. Some colors are special order and can add two to three weeks to your wait time on an installation. Please call our office for details on which color selections are special order.

 Popular Laying Patterns

There are many different patterns to brick design, some random and some symetrical. Each paver type has its own laying design and options, depending upon the number of differnt size bricks in the series and the size of those bricks. We offer many differnt laying patterns and styles for each of the brick above, just ask for sample sheets with your estimate. Below are two of the most popular laying patterns with dimensional brick, such as holland pavers.

Running Bond_PatternHerringbone Pattern









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