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Although geese are a beautiful part of nature, they also can be messy, potentially harmful to humans and damaging to your lawn. Each goose can eat up to four pounds of grass daily and can drop two to four pounds of excrement per day. Geese can also deter clients from visiting your establishment or alter the path of residents from entering their homes. If you have a property located near a body of water that attracts geese, we have the solutions for you. Suburban Landscaping offers commercial, multi-family, and industrial properties the service of deterring the geese from feeding and nesting on your property. Our methods are humane and harmless to the geese, yet highly effective. We currently offer three different options for goose control and are listed below.

Replica Decoys

Using visible replicas of predator animals, like Coyotes, we are able to deter geese from landing and nesting near your pond or water feature. These life-like and full-size replicas have a mowing tail that blows in the wind giving a very real appearance. This is one of the most humane and safest ways to dissuade geese from landing and nesting. This is also the least expensive method of goose control, starting at $95 per replica statue.

Flight Control Spray

Flight Control is a liquid lawn application that is applied to your turf where the geese are feeding. The chemical is undetectable by human eyes, but the goose will see the lawn in the ultra-violet spectrum. The chemical also gives the goose a harmless, temporary digestive irritation that usually will last for around 20 minutes. The combination of the digestive problem with the change in the look of the turf in the ultra-violet spectrum will train the geese to nest and feed in other areas. This application usually takes about two to three days to start showing signs of improvement. the Flight Control application is harmless to humans, dogs, cats, birds and insects. This application is different from other Canadian goose repellents in that it is not made from grapes and will not wash away with natural rainfall or irrigation. 

Goose Away Lights

These solar powered lights are used to deter the geese at night from nesting by disrupting their sleep pattern. The 100 watt bulb flashes out a light in all directions that simulates the eye reflections of predators. Each light is guaranteed from the manufacturer for two years and has a replaceable photo cell head. Made out of a heavy plastic which can withstand snow and ice, the lights can be left outside year round, maintenance free. There are two main types of lights, land based and water based.

Geese can be very territorial when nesting, and can even be hostile towards human adults and children. These products are designed to help deter geese from populating your property each year, and the combination can be very effective.  Suburban Landscapings' project manager can manage this entire process for you, from designing the installation of these lights to the proper placement and installation.


Often overlooked, geese can be a curable liability to your property. If your property is suffering from a rampant goose population and is in need of a solution, Suburban Landscaping has your solution. Call our office for a goose control free estimate or send us an email on-line.


Geese Facts:  

  • A goose can weigh 6-13 pounds
  • A goose can live for 25 years
  • Geese mate for life
  • Once you have geese, more geese will follow.
  • During a six week summer Molt season, geese are unable to fly
  • Geese are herbivores and eat only grass, grains and water plants
  • Goose excrement has been linked to parasites and diseases
  • Property value can decrease by 5% due to Geese flocks
  • Geese flocks nesting will attract predator animals as well
  • Flocks grow annually by 10-15%
  • Geese carry disease including Swimmers Itch & Salmonella
  • Shooting or poisoning geese is illegal
  • Insurance companies often pay the costs for Goose removal

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Landscape Fabric Or Black Plastic

In all landscape planting beds you should have some form of weed barrier between your bedding material and the soil. When properly installed, these weed barriers prevent the roots of weed seeds from reaching the soil and gathering nutrients.  


fabric -_plasticBlack Plastic Weed Barrier

The best features of black plastic, and the reasons for its continued popularity, are its abilities to suppress weed growth and retain soil moisture. Unfortunately, although black plastic prevents water from exiting the soil, it also prevents water from entering the soil. Plastic is not recommended for poorly-drained areas as it may cause the soil to remain too wet, which could result in root disease problems.  If exposed to sunlight, black plastic is broken down fast, losing its effectiveness as a weed barrier. Some thin or poor grades of plastic can have problems with cracking over time, creating holes or rips where weeds can grow.


fabric close_upLandscape Fabric Weed Barrier

These woven and nonwoven fabrics of polypropylene or polyester are an improvement over traditional black plastic. They not only block weed growth and reduce surface evaporation but also allow water, fertilizer, and oxygen to penetrate easily through to the soil. They are used more frequently as mulch and stone underliners, enhancing the weed-suppressing ability of the mulch while separating the mulch and soil. Landscape fabrics need to be fastened down to the soil with special staples so it will not be pushed up by perennial weeds.


Clear Plastic

fabric installing
Clear plastic is not recommended as a weed barrier. Clear plastic will not suppress weed growth because light penetrates the film and raises the soil temperature, which may result in an increased growth of weeds in early spring.


Poison Ivy

There are three main plants that often get mixed up in the world of Poison Ivy; Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, and Poison Sumac. In the Illinois and Indiana area the most common is Poison Ivy by a long shot, in our area Poison Sumac is very rare. Poison Ivy is actually not an Ivy at all, it is actually Toxicodendron radicans, a poisonous Asian and North American plant. The plant secretes an oil, urushiol, that will cause a rash in most people who come in direct or indirect contact with it. The clear oil in the sap of the plant will not be noticeable on the plant nor when it transfers to your skin. Once urushiol oil gets on your skin, it usually causes an irritating, itching, blistering rash that leaves red bumps on the skin.

What Does Poison Ivy Look Like?

Poison Ivy usually has three medium sized leaves that are a broad spoon-shaped leaf. Each of the leaves has three small leaflets, and in the spring it grows small yellowish-green flowers. Some varieties will have a green to off-white berry growing in the last summer or fall. The plant usually grows as a vine in the Midwest, but also can grow as a low-growing shrub.

What Do I Do If I Get Poison Ivy Oil On Me?

If you come in contact with Poison Ivy and the urushiol oil gets transferred onto your skin, here are some helpful tips on treating or dealing with the problem.

  • Rinse your skin with cold water and soap. Do not use hot water, which will open your pours and allow the oil further into the skin.
  • As hard as this part it, do not scratch the itching skin. Scratching can spread the oil and transfer it to other parts of your body, especially your face. Itching the rash can also cause an infection if scratched too hard or too much.
  • To calm the itch, use calamine lotion or hydrocortisone cream on the affected areas.
  • Another way to calm the itch is with a cold compress or cold, damp rag. Apply it gently, however, especially if you are blistering.
  • Wash all of the clothing you were wearing when you came into contact with the plant. The oil can easily stick onto your clothing and then transfer onto someone else.
  • If you were gardening when you came in contact with the plant, wash all of the tools that you used or handled that day. The urushiol oil can last on those tools for a very long time.

See your doctor right away if any of the following symptoms occure.

  • Trouble breathing
  • Trouble swallowing
  • The rash spreads to the majority of your body
  • Swelling in body parts, especially your eyelids

Common Myths About Poison Ivy

  • Dead plants are not a problem.  - Actually, the oil can stay on the dead plant for up to 5 years.
  • Burn the plants when you find them. -  Actually don’t. The oil will go airborne when you burn the plant and the fallout could land on someone else.
  • Lots of people are immune. - Only abou 10% of the population is not allergic to the urushiol oil. A persons first exposure to the oil usually takes longer to effect the person, usually around a week.
  • As long as I don’t touch the plant I’m safe. - Not true. The oil can transfer onto clothing, tools, and other items that can be touched and then infected.


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